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ICP trains and certifies inline-skaters to become professional instructors. ICP has been industry proven to be safe, fun and effective since it started in 1991, it is currently the most widely accepted standard for inline...

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How many lessons do I need in order to skate? Will there be any make up lesson if I can’t attend lesson deal to weather, work commitment or sick? Can I ask for discounts? How...

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  • I can cycle so well

    This 8 yo girl managed to cycle in 30min. While taking water break, she said to her mom, “I didn’t know I can cycle so well.” We all burst out laughters.

    A 8 yo girl
  • Thanks Coach

    Thanks Coach.
    Your method of teaching is very professional. Thank you so much for your patience, coach.

    Mother and 2 kids learn together
  • Give tuitions

    Parent: Ryan, do you give tuition?
    Me: No…umm… Why?
    Parent: You are very patient. I want you to give my kids tuitions.
    Me: LOL….

    a happy mum
  • Good teacher makes difference

    I think a good teacher make a whole world of difference when come to learning. So I look forward to having more my time cycling along the beach while my grown up kids are busy with their lives.

    A mother learn cycling
  • Cycling with children

    After watching his 3 kids managed to cycle independently in a hour plus, the overjoyed father said, “You are amazing! Ryan. I have no patient and tactic to teach my kids to cycle…. I have been waiting for this moment to go cycling with them for long time.

    an amazed father
  • No more children

    In a span of 2 years, a French mum has asked me to teach her 3 daughters to cycle at 3 different occasions. After coaching her youngest girl to cycle, she said,”Thank you so much , Ryan. I have no more children for you to teach.” I burst out laughter.

    A French mum
  • I love you, teacher.

    Sitting on the bench and drinking water. The little boy skated towards me and requested to sit on my laps. Lifted him onto my laps. He turned around and grinned, “I love you, teacher.”

    5 yrs old boy

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