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Have you been admiring those skaters gliding pass you gracefully?

It looks so easy and relax. Just put one foot in front of the other and roll, as simple as walking. However, you weren't born walking. You had to learn how to stand and balance, and in the process you spent a considerable amount of time on your backside.

Don't let a few unsuccessful attempts dampen your passion to roll. Everyone is unique and comes to a skating class with a different set of experiences to use as foundation. Learning to skate isn't difficult if you endorse a systematic learning program. An experienced and certified skating coach will know the most effective and safest ways for you to pick up and enjoy skating.

Some may ask why does one need to take lessons to learn skating? Isn't skating can be self-learnt? Yes, skating can be self-learnt... but only to certain people. Everyone, including you and me, is different with different background and abilities. You may excel in certain sport but weak in another. So if you know you are weak in skating but you really want to skate well. Get a coach to guide you to skate properly and safely.

I only coach 1-1 personal and small group private class. All my students have to form their own group and engage me as their coach. Students will not be allowed to walk-in to any existing classes. So there will be no embarrassing moments in front of strangers.

My private skating class is good for family bonding between the parents and children. There are so much fun and laughter during lessons. In the class, the family learn to understand and tolerate each others too.

Students can choose where and when (see Available Slots) to have the skating lessons. For instance, lessons can be conducted near the students' houses or work places, i.e. void deck, basketball/badminton courts, parks and roof level of the multistory car parks, so that the students and their parents will not waste times and fares on traveling.

In my web site, I've briefly introduced myself and my coaching program. It may not be as informative as some web sites from some skating schools, it does have the essential information you want.

Ryan Aw
ICP certified skating coach


When are you going to learn if you don't do it now?
The best method to learn is DO it; not think or say.

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